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Dear Business Owner,

Imagine DOUBLING the size of your business by next month.

Potentially doubling your revenues… your profits… and maybe even your salary.

But instead of spending even more time in the office each week…

What if you could spend another 12 hours every week at home with your family?

Naturally, I can’t guarantee this will work for every business on the planet…

Every deal is unique.

But having done over 330 deals worth more than $47 billion…

I haven’t met a business I couldn’t double (or triple… or quadruple) using this strategy.

And today I’m putting my proven system to work in the most challenging business environment since World War II.

Global pandemic. Political volatility. Riots.

In every crisis there is opportunity.

That’s why I want to send you my strategy guide today at NO COST.

It’s called:

Carl Allen’s Dealmaker Empire: How To Grow Your Business and Create Generational Wealth Through Acquisitions

This will be the most important guide you ever read.

Inside I’ve detailed my eight-step empire-building business
buying system.

I’ve personally used and perfected this system over the last three decades to complete most of my deals…

And I still use it every day — to buy dozens of established,
profitable businesses.

Now I’ve finally laid the whole template out for business professionals
like yourself.

Again, the best part is that this will actually SAVE you time and
energy because:

All you need is a desire to grow your business faster than ever before… and the ability to follow a proven system.

But you have to act RIGHT NOW,
because the buyer’s market has never been hotter

According to The Wall Street Journal, more than 10,000 baby boomers are retiring EVERY DAY…

And together they own 41% of ALL the small businesses in America.

(Quick math: That’s thousands of new businesses for sale every day.)

Because of this, the supply of available businesses wildly outweighs the demand…

That means businesses near you could be selling for pennies on the dollar

Which brings us to the greatest opportunity of your lifetime:

I’ll show you how to buy a complementary business…

Buy one of your suppliers or customers…

Or maybe kill two birds with one stone and buy a competitor… 

And give you direct access to history’s biggest transfer of wealth as boomers move into retirement.

Respectfully, their transition is your gain.

When you claim your copy of my Dealmaker Empire guide today, you’ll discover…

  • The little-known finance strategy I’ve stolen from my time on Wall Street that enables you to fund a deal using NONE of your current business’ money
    ***This is a KEY component of my strategy*** (Page 7)
  • How to find and identify the seller who will gladly bug out of their business at a steep discount (and why they’ll thank you for paying less!) (Page 6)
  • The FIVE rules all new business buyers should tattoo on their arm (Page 11)

…and much more!

Remember, this Dealmaker Empire guide is FREE — ZERO cost.

To claim your copy, enter your best email address in the box below…

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My acquisitions strategy guide will hit your inbox within minutes.

Until then, bye for now.

Carl Allen
Co-founder, Dealmaker Wealth Society

September, 2020

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