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The answer is that it gives you EVERYTHING you need! When you sign up for Dealmaker CEO  You’ll have access to my ENTIRE 10-step business buying system. It’s everything you need to know to buy your very first business in 99 days or less using none of your own money. You absolutely DO NOT need to spend any more money on any of my higher-level programs to see results… But if you do decide you want more personal help from me and my team of experienced dealmakers… You’re welcome to enroll in Dealmaker Academy ($10K per year) or the Partner Program, which I operate as a separate business ($15K per year). Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.

Dealmaker CEO is a digital course with over 20 hours of detailed instructional videos. Also included are detailed handouts and tools. (See the checkout page for details.)

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There is NOT any personal or group mentoring included.

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Dealmaker CEO is not some cobbled-together members area with hundreds of hours of “training” material designed to overwhelm you.

It’s my PROVEN 10-step business buying system I’ve developed over the past 26 years as a professional dealmaker.

And each module in this program is designed for ACTION… not to be boring academic theory or vague concepts.

When you sign up for Dealmaker CEO through this special offer…

You’ll get access to the private Facebook group we’re in the process of setting up so you can get your questions answered by your peers…

But the course is extremely thorough and should answer just about every single question you have along the way.

Not to mention prevent you from running into the most common problems people run into when they DON’T use a proven business buying system.

Here’s the good news… This program was designed SPECIFICALLY for people in your situation. If you have just five to six hours per week to commit to this program… Meaning, you are watching the training videos… AND implementing what I teach… You should be in the final stages of closing your FIRST no-money-down deal within 99 days of getting started. Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.

I can’t guarantee you’ll get ANY results or make ANY money…

But I’d personally be shocked if you put in the 70–80 hours worth of work over 14 weeks… and weren’t within striking distance of closing your first deal.

Funny you ask… Because I actually tried this, and it didn’t work at all. My intention was to teach people my full business buying system so they could find deals for us to partner on 50/50… But here’s a brutal truth about human nature: People don’t value what they don’t pay for. When I offered it for free, no one was invested in the relationship… so they didn’t do the work. But once I started charging money for the program, the success rate of my students went up DRAMATICALLY because they had skin in the game. Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.

If you didn’t watch the training video above… called “The Five Best Businesses to Buy in 2019”…

Scroll up and watch it now!

Otherwise, if you’re short on time…

I strongly recommend starting your search in one of these five sectors…

  1. Engineering/manufacturing
  2. Construction
  3. Transportation and warehousing
  4. Nonmedical professional services (IT, PR, advertising, marketing, CPA, legal, wealth management)
  5. E-commerce

And AVOID these five business types like the plague…

  1. Franchises
  2. Hotels/motels
  3. Coffee shops, cafes, bakeries and similar businesses
  4. Retail stores (not counting e-commerce stores)
  5. Amazon businesses

But I cover all of this stuff in great detail in Module #2 inside Dealmaker CEO.

In Module #3 of Dealmaker CEO, I show you how to launch what I call “The Deal Origination Machine”… And once you’ve got it up and running, you’ll have deals hitting your desk week in and week out. I recommend all my students start by using LinkedIn, along with what I call “The Million-Dollar Letter” which is designed to be mailed directly to businesses you’re interested in buying… But you’ll also learn how to find deals using…
  •  Business brokers
  •  Facebook
  •  Personal websites and blogs
  •  In-person events
  •  Hoovers
  •  Your own personal network
And some other “ninja” methods… like building relationships with lawyers, CPAs and wealth advisors who can refer you to their business-owner clients. Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.
In Module #4, called Deal Analysis and Meetings… You’ll learn my proven process for quickly vetting businesses… Getting the right financial information… And building trust, rapport and credibility quickly with the seller. It all starts with something I call a “Pre-Meeting Analysis”… Which is getting you into the right state of mind… and getting you well versed about the attributes of the business so you can have an intelligent conversation with the seller. Next, you’ll learn how to perform “Pre-Meeting Research”… So you can research the seller and the business, and get a lot of additional information to help you have a successful meeting. And finally, I share with you my “Perfect Meeting Playbook.” If you follow this training session step by step… you’ll be able to meet ANY seller and absolutely nail that meeting. I’m ALSO going to take you through the process of understanding what’s known as a Non-Disclosure Agreement (or NDA). It’s a very simple one-page document you’ll need to sign before the seller discloses any financial statements about the business. And I include a template of what this looks like with your membership to Dealmaker CEO. PLUS! I’ll tell you exactly what information you need to put together a preliminary deal structure and a preliminary offer to buy that business. Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.
Great salespeople don’t sell — they solve problems for other people… And that’s exactly what we’re doing for these business owners. We’re providing them with a solution to a problem they have, which is that they don’t want to own their business any more, so they need someone to buy it. But there’s an ENTIRE module on Offers and Negotiations that covers everything you need to know about the actual “sales” part of this process. The key to success here is to create what I call your “Offer Sequence”… Which is having multiple offers ready to roll, every three to four days. I like to plan out up to SIX potential offers I’m willing to make to the seller… Because it’s very rare that someone will accept your first offer right out of the gate. There’s always some sort of negotiating along the way. Which is why I’m going to give you my EXACT “Offer Template”… I use this on all of my own personal deals, so you can feel confident knowing you’re getting my very best work on this one. Then, I’m going to reveal all of the tricks I like to use when I’m in a negotiation… Along with some “advanced” negotiation tactics to help you get to the highest level. Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.
Oftentimes it’s because the seller has hit retirement age and they want to spend more time with family and friends. Unlike you (once you go through Dealmaker CEO ), the business owners you’ll talk to don’t know how to set up the business to run itself. That’s why they’re likely still working in it even though they’re 60+ years old and don’t want to be there anymore. So it’s not that the owner is selling because there’s something wrong with the business… it’s that they’re just ready to be done with it and don’t have any other way out. Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.
When you sign up for Dealmaker CEO … You’re also going to get access to what I call the 100-Day Ownership Training. And just like it sounds, I’m going to walk you through the first 100 days of you owning your new business… Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.
In Module #7 of the program, I’m going to show you all of the different strategies to get financing for your deal so you can make the closing payment to the seller. You’ll learn all about…
  •  Asset-Backed Financing — how to leverage the assets on the balance sheet of the business (not you personally) to raise capital for the deal
  •  Equity Financing — this is going out to equity investors, crowdfunding platforms or individuals who want to invest in your deals as a partner
  •  SBA 7a Loans — If you’re a U.S. citizen and you’re doing deals in the U.S., this is one of the best sources of government-backed funding you can get
  •  Leveraging your 401(k) or other retirement accounts
  •  Seller financing — this is when you pay the seller out over time using the future cash flow of the business
  •  Earn Outs — which are BONUS payments you can make to the seller, assuming certain revenue targets are hit (Hint: This is a great way to incentivize the owner to make sure the business succeeds after the sale)
  •  The 90-Day Close — which is how you can close the deal and then have 90 days to make the first payment
  •  Expressions of Interests — also known as a “terms sheet.” This is the legal document you need before you sign what’s called the Letter of Intent (which is covered in another module).
You’re also going to learn how the actual FINANCING PROCESS works. You’re going to learn how to actually find, contact and build relationships with financiers… And you’re also going to learn how to negotiate the deals and terms –– called Financial Covenants –– the financier might want you to agree to in order for them to fund your deal. PLUS! To make things even easier… I’m going to give you access to my Financier Rolodex… My list of pre-vetted contacts you can use to help finance your own deals. Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.
Sometimes businesses fail and there’s nothing you can do about it. But don’t worry, you are NOT personally liable for any of the debt. One of the first businesses I owned was a small transportation company in the UK. Due to unpredictable events, the price of fuel in the UK TRIPLED almost overnight. Fuel was already one of the biggest expenses for that company, so when the price of fuel tripled, the numbers no longer worked. That company ended up going out of business, but I did NOT personally owe a dime . And neither would you if you follow my system. Why not? Because when you borrow money to buy a business, you’re borrowing against the assets in the BUSINESS  not your personal assets. It’s possible to structure the deal in such a way that if the business goes under, you are not personally liable for a penny. That is, unless you’ve made a personal guarantee against the debt, which I highly recommend you NEVER do. Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.
No! As I said in the answer to the question above, I highly recommend NEVER putting a personal guarantee on business debt. Why not? Because if the business fails or can’t pay the debt, YOU are held responsible… and unless you have loads of spare cash laying around, it’ll put you in a very bad place financially. Some financiers will insist that you MUST take out a personal guarantee. If your financier tells you this, find another one. There are more than enough financiers out there to find one with reasonable terms who is happy to work with you. And you’ll learn how to find them in Module #7 of Dealmaker CEO. Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.
Your personal credit does not matter. Remember, you’re borrowing against the assets of the business using the credit score of the business, NOT your personal assets or credit score. Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.
Here’s the truth about doing deals with small-business owners… It’s 90% psychology and 10% math. As long as you take time to truly understand what the business owner wants from the sale of the business (this goes MUCH deeper than just a dollar amount), you’ll be able to show them how you can help them get it. Basically, if you listen to the seller and create good rapport with them, you’ll be able to do no-money-down deals all day long. BUT! I’m not gonna leave you hanging. When you sign up for Dealmaker CEO , you’ll also get…
  •  Simple financial analysis model — this is my “back of the napkin” financial model for determining if the deal is a good one
  •  Advanced financial analysis model — this is the “deeper dive” you’ll want to run to have a better understanding of the health of the business (Hint: Lenders love seeing this before giving you money!)
  •  Simple cash flow forecasting model — this is my “back of the napkin” financial model to help you determine how much money you’ll make once you own the business
  •  Advanced cash flow forecasting model — this is the “deeper dive” you’ll want to run to help you maximize your returns (and properly project future revenue)
Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.
Can I work with online databases and websites that list businesses for sale? No, you do NOT need to have an existing network for this to work for you. In this program, I teach you NINE different ways to originate deals. Only one of those ways includes reaching out to your existing network of contacts. The other ways include working with online databases of business owners, social media, brokers and more. Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.
No. You do not need to use investors. In Dealmaker CEO, I go into great detail about how to finance the purchase of the business. Most financing methods do not involve investors. That said, you CAN use investors if you want, but it’s completely up to you. Sometimes using investors can open up deals to you that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise, but you don’t need to work with investors to buy a profitable business using none of your own money. Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.
I suppose the terms “simple” and “complicated” are relative to your personal experience… But let me assure you, the method we teach to secure financing is simple and straightforward to implement. Yes, there will be paperwork involved, but I promise it’s much easier than you might think. Watch the financing module in Dealmaker CEO for the full details. Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.
Then don’t tell them! If you want to keep your business buying dreams secret at first, the direct approach is perfect for you. It consists of scoping out companies you think you might want to buy, then contacting them directly to see if they’re interested and, if they are, to work out a deal. Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.
This is exactly what you’ll learn in the final module of Dealmaker CEO, called the 100-Day Ownership Training. This part of the training will show you how to maximize cash flow and generate lump sums of money you can use to grow the business or put in your pocket. (It always amazes me how many business owners don’t know how to optimize their cash flow! I’ll show you how.) It also covers business administration, strategic growth strategies and key performance indicators (which are what you use to determine the health of the business). Rest assured, you’ll be shown exactly what to do with the business in the first 100 days of ownership to make sure everything is running smoothly and that you have a solid plan for growth. Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.
Many business owners DO sell to the highest bidder. But the type of business owners I like to work with are typically first-generation entrepreneurs who have spent a large portion of their professional lives building the company they own. These business owners would be devastated to see their company ripped apart and absorbed into a larger company… Which is often what happens when they sell to a large corporation that can afford to pay top dollar. In those situations, loyal employees are often fired and the business is stripped for its assets… And that’s not something the business owner can stomach, no matter how much money he or she gets. That’s why I teach my students how to position themselves as a “safe pair of hands”… Someone who will protect the company and its employees and keep it independent. When you approach a business owner in that way, many will sell to you even though they’re not getting top dollar. Protection of the business they’ve spent their life growing is much more important to them. Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.
It’s simple. Hardly anyone knows it’s possible. Did you? When most people think about owning a business, they think about starting one, not buying one. And those who think about buying a business tend to think they need lots of money. Until a person runs into someone like me who shows them it’s possible to buy a profitable business using none of their own money, they just don’t know any better. And you’d think veteran business buyers would know better, but the truth is, most don’t. Everyone is so used to using their own money to do deals that they never stop to wonder if there’s a better way. They just think, “That’s how it’s done,” and never question it. Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.
I’m telling you about this for two reasons. One, because I love helping people transform their lives. It gives me so much joy to know I’ve helped someone make a positive change. And two, because I want you to succeed in buying a business and join one of my higher-level programs. Plus, it’s not like I’m creating competition for myself. Even if I wanted to, it would be impossible for me to buy every profitable small business in the world. There are too many. So why not share what I love with others? Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.
It’s primarily the strength of the business that will determine whether or not you can get financing. However, sometimes lenders do ask how you can prove you’ll be a good business owner. If this happens, there are two options. 1. Show them that you understand the industry and that you have a professional skill from your job that will aid you as a business owner, or… 2. Consider partnering with someone who has business experience. That’s one of the things my students like about my Partner Program, which I operate separately from Unconventional Wealth. It’s expensive ($25K a year), but it allows them both to partner directly with me on deals (50/50) as well as to step back and let me and my team of experienced professionals do almost all the work for them. That said, plenty of my students have bought businesses as first-time business owners without issue. Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.
This is a two-part answer. First, if there’s not enough free cash flow to repay the debt once you own the business, then you don’t do the deal! There are THOUSANDS of great deals out there, so if you find out that the numbers don’t work in your favor, then you should let the deal go and move on to the next one. Second, if there’s enough free cash flow to repay the debt but you’re having trouble borrowing enough money to buy the business, then you use seller financing. Seller financing just means that you pay the seller a portion of the business’ selling price over time, typically using money generated by the business itself. Not all sellers will be willing to accept seller financing, but in my experience, many will. It’s very common these days for at least some of the purchase price to be paid with seller financing. Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.
Dealmaker CEO (which normally costs $5K but is discounted through the end of today) is my FULL online program that walks you through my entire 10-step business buying system in great detail. There is no coaching or partnering. In Dealmaker CEO , you’ll learn EVERYTHING you need to buy a business in 99 days or less using none of your own money. You don’t need any of the other programs. However, some people find they want more hands-on help, which is why I created the following programs: Dealmaker Academy ($10K a year) offers a weekly “Red Light, Green Light” call where my team of experienced dealmakers and I review students’ deals LIVE every week on a group call. As a member of this group, you get personal feedback on all your deals. Finally, through a separate business of mine that’s unaffiliated with Unconventional Wealth and Dealmaker Wealth Society, I offer what I call the Partner Program ($25K a year). This program is essentially a “done for you” service where you bring deals to the table that you and I will partner on 50/50, and my team and I will do ALL the rest of the work for you. You bring us a motivated seller and we’ll take it from there. It’s that easy. Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.
If you want to buy more than one business at the same time and combine them into one larger company, that’s absolutely possible. It’s called a roll-up… And when you order your copy of Dealmaker CEO today… You’ll learn how that works too. Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.
Dealmaker CEO does NOT include personal or group coaching. That’s why people join my higher-level programs like Dealmaker Academy and my Partner Program, which you can purchase through my unaffiliated business. Those two programs both offer live coaching from me and my team of experienced dealmakers (who have ALL done deals of their own). Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.
A Warren Buffett likes to say… “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.” And when you complete Dealmaker CEO … You’ll be more knowledgeable about buying small businesses than 99.99% of people alive today. But if your real question is some version of, “Am I personally liable for the debt financing to complete a no-money-down deal?”… Well, if you structure the deals the way I teach inside this program, the answer is NO. But as usual, all investments carry some sort of risk. Please consult your legal advisers and financial professionals about your specific situation. Speaking of lawyers… Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.
To close on the purchase of a business, you’ll need to work with an accountant and a lawyer. They will be responsible for doing the financial and legal due diligence necessary to protect you, the buyer. In Dealmaker CEO, I show you how to find an accountant and a lawyer who will work for you on a contingency basis (meaning they get paid when the deal closes, but not before). After the deal closes, it’s advisable to have a business relationship with a lawyer in case you have any questions. It’s not necessary to have one on staff. As for an accountant, the business you buy will likely already have one on staff. Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.
There’s nothing I can say to convince a person THIS skeptical of me that I’m the real deal. That’s why I’ve sent out many testimonials of students who have bought businesses with no money down using my system. Any of my students who have interacted with me personally can tell you what I’m like as a person. They’ll tell you that I really do care about them and their success. Plus, there’s my 60-day guarantee. If you are unhappy with your purchase, my team will happily refund your money during those 60 days. That said, there’s practically no way that you’ll do the work and NOT get results! Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.
Great question! I left Wall Street over 10 years ago to strike out on my own, and in 10 years of owning businesses, I’ve NEVER gotten stuck running a business. What’s my secret? It’s as simple as this… Give 10–25% of the equity of the business to the general manager! By giving your general manager (GM) actual ownership of the business, they are HIGHLY incentivized to not only run it properly, but also to grow it. As long as the GM is competent and understands the business, they’ll be able and willing to run it day to day for you. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather own 75–90% of a business that runs itself (so I can go buy MORE businesses that run themselves) than 100% of a business that requires me to work in it every day. So how do you find a competent GM who understands the business? My favorite two ways to do this are to either allow the previous owner to stay on and run the business for you (which happens much more often than you might think) or promote a key employee who’s been in the business for a while. This topic is covered in detail in Dealmaker CEO. Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.
Yes, this is 100% legal. Using “other people’s money” to finance deals is VERY common. If you’ve ever seen people teaching how to buy real estate with no money down… it’s a very similar process. Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.
This is totally up to you. If you’re willing to make a down payment, you’ll be able to do deals that people without cash wouldn’t be able to do. Why? Because not all deals will work as “zero down” deals. The quality of the deals won’t necessarily be any better. You’ll just have more options. Ready to sign up for Dealmaker CEO? Click here now.
If you’re ready to own a small business that, depending on how you structure the deal, can bring in profits of up to $10K–25K a MONTH (or more) while you work less than five hours a week, then… Click here now to order Dealmaker CEO. And remember… This special promotional offer is ONLY available on this page! So click this link and invest in yourself NOW — or miss out on this amazing opportunity to change your life forever. Cheers, Carl Allen P.S. Seriously, you’re still reading this? Man, you must be a very thorough buyer who wants to be absolutely sure this will work. Well, here’s the deal, my friend. Nothing works unless you do. So click here now and sign up. You’re backed by my 60-day money-back guarantee… So you’ve got nothing to lose.


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