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 Become 1 of 10 1 of 20 People To Get A Private Consultation With A Master Dealmaker

This offer closes in:

Hey, Carl Allen here.

Today, I have a serious opportunity to share with you. 

In short, if you’re reading this page then that means my webmaster has NOT shut this offer down yet.  Consider yourself lucky!

Because you still have the opportunity to become 1 of 10  1 of 20 people to get a private consultation with either myself or my partner Adam Markley to help you close ANY deal you’re working on right now. 

Collectively Adam and I have over 40+ years of business buying experience.  

We’ve seen EVERYTHING under the sun when it comes to buying a small business. 

We know the tricks business brokers will pull on you, we know what a fair valuation looks like, and we know when you need to close a deal RIGHT NOW. 

Plus, if your deal is irresistible who knows, maybe Adam and I might even become YOUR business partners. 

If your deal makes sense, then Adam and I will fund your acquisition to buy a business WITH you. 

Imagine partnering with two master dealmakers to help you buy a company, and then grow it, scale it, and possibly sell it together. 

We’ve already partnered with a few of our Dealmaker Wealth Society members this year. 

Now, it’s not a guarantee that this will happen, just to be clear, but it is a possibility. 

But the real question you need to ask yourself is this…

Do you want to close a deal to buy a business the slow way or the fast way? 

Because you have a choice…

You can do it yourself, at your own pace, and make mistakes. 

Of course you have Dealmaker CEO which teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know to buy a business so you’ll make less mistakes for sure.

Hands down, it’s the best course on the market, and I’m proud of it, but it’ll take you some time to learn all the material. 

Sometimes you need instant feedback on a deal you’re working on RIGHT NOW to finally close it and become a true Dealmaker CEO.


If You Want To Close A Deal Fast, Talk To Proven Dealmakers

Think about it…when you want to save tax money do you try to do it yourself or do you go hire an accountant who has already done this before for other people?

Of course, you want a proven professional with a track record in your corner. 

It’s the same when you’re looking to buy a business.

You need to talk to master dealmakers, and proven dealmakers to accelerate your chances of closing a business you want to buy – faster.

Now, if you’re anything like me then you want the fast lane my friend. Time is precious. 

Let me be clear, there’s nothing wrong with taking your time and working on a deal yourself, but if you’re the type of person that has been feeling stuck and wants to get results quicker then…

I’d like to invite you to become a member of our exclusive Dealmaker Academy tribe.

Dealmaker Academy is a community of master dealmakers, proven dealmakers, and dealmakers in the making with ONE goal – to help you close business buying deals faster and better. 

That’s what Dealmaker Academy is all about.

Let me tell you more…

We’re Going To Cherry-Pick the Best Deals Together…
and Pre-Qualify Any Business You Have Your Eyes on
BEFORE You Buy It 

The fast and safe way for you to close deals is to have me and my team help you do it.

Because we know:

  1. If a business is good enough for you to buy
  2. How to read balance sheets and identify hidden risks
  3. Collectively we have years of experience buying businesses with brand-new dealmakers (like you)

In fact, a few years ago, I offered $12,000 private consultations.

I worked one-on-one with students to really push them forward and help smash any obstacles holding them back.

Unfortunately, I could only work with 10 people at any one time.

And the waiting list was more than TWO years.

But you know… there was something funny about these calls…

Eighty percent of all the questions, challenges and issues everybody faced…. were EXACTLY the same.

And I realized I shouldn’t limit these consultations to only 10 people…

Especially if most of them were asking the exact same questions… and facing the exact same problems…

So I revamped that private consulting program… and transformed it into a group-mentoring mastermind service.

I call it Dealmaker Academy.

And to commemorate our first year as Dealmaker Wealth Society, I’ve decided to bring back 1-on-1 consultations, but only for the first 10  20 people that enroll in Dealmaker Academy.

This invitation to join Dealmaker Academy is for a limited time only while this page is still up…

Talking to either Adam or myself is the FASTEST and SAFEST way for you to get unstuck and close a deal to buy a business. 

So What Are The Advantages of Dealmaker Academy?

Academy Advantage #1:

Limited To First 10 20 People: Private 1-on-1  30-minute Consultation With Carl or Adam

If you decide to become a member of Dealmaker Academy at full price (more details below), you’ll get a complimentary call with either myself or my partner Adam.

You can ask us ANYTHING you want about any deal you are working on.

We’ll talk about how to overcome any obstacle you’re facing…

Deal Origination




It’s up to you.

If your deal is solid, we might talk about becoming partners, but again it’s not a guarantee. 

I normally charge $12,000 for a private consultation, but you won’t pay that if you accept my invitation to join Dealmaker Academy.

You can decide to schedule your consulting call immediately this week or wait whenever you are stuck, it’s up to you. 

But it gets better because you’ll still get weekly access to me with…

Academy Advantage #2:

Weekly “Red Light, Green Light” Deal Review Calls

Imagine if you had a team of successful dealmakers…

“Red lighting” or “green lighting” every little detail about your deal. 

“Red Light, Green Light” is my team’s way of quickly determining whether or not a business meets my high standards.

On our group calls, we nitpick everything from the business revenue… to its assets… to its cash flow…

And ultimately decide whether you should buy the business…

Or whether you should move on to better opportunities.

With our “Red Light, Green Light” analysis… you’ll know exactly whether or not we approve of the deal.

Inside these calls, you can ask your most pressing questions and concerns.

And you’ll be able to draw upon the combined experience of me and my team.

If you ever have any questions with the EBITDA earnings…

Or if you’re unsure how to approach a business owner…

Even if you’re having trouble deciding what type of business you want to buy…

Whatever is on your mind… don’t hesitate to ask!

Now the best part is the community, because you can partner with other students in Academy and close a deal quicker so you also get access to…

Academy Advantage #3:

Private Dealmaker Academy Facebook Group

Look, this isn’t just some “group”…

Dealmaker Academy is a complete support system and peer-mentoring environment.

This is my entire life’s work… and I want to provide a platform for all of us to help each other.

When you get access to our private Facebook group…

You’ll be able to build and maintain connections with like-minded dealmakers who are all rooting for each other’s success.

The connections you make here could be the most valuable (and profitable) relationships of your life!

And to top it off, the best part of being part of a community of Dealmakers is support so you also receive as part of your exclusive membership to Dealmaker Academy…

Academy Advantage #4:

Weekly Mindset & Accountability Guidance From Master Dealmakers and Proven Dealmakers

Mindset makes up 70% of the deal!

That’s why when you’re in Dealmaker Academy, I focus on your mindset as much as I focus on your deals.

Look, if you feel any self-doubt… lack of confidence… imposter syndrome…

I want you to know that I was once in your shoes.

It’s natural.

And I want to assure you: Yes.

Yes, you belong here, with a group of like-minded dealmakers all leaping forward towards a better life.

Like I Mentioned Earlier, This Service Is Best Suited for Serious Dealmakers 

So How Do You Join Dealmaker Academy If You’re Serious About Closing A Deal?

Typically it costs $9,997 per year to join Dealmaker Academy, but for our first year anniversary we are lowering the price to the unheard-of price of

ONLY $1,997

This offer is only good while we celebrate Dealmaker Wealth Society’s first year anniversary during the holiday season!

And if you are still seeing this page that means if you order now then you are one of the lucky 10  20 people who can still get a private 1-on-1 consultation call with myself or my partner Adam for those that join Dealmaker Academy at $1,997 (Option #1 below). 

Adam and I can only do 10  20 because of time constraints on our schedule and we’re busy closing a few deals right now, but I’ve told my team that we can do 10 20 private consultations. 

I really want you to experience that high of closing a deal, and I’d like to help you close a deal, but you have to put in the work. 

To join Dealmaker Academy pick an option

Option #1 – Full Payment of $1,997

  • Limited to First 10 20 People: 1 30-minute private consultation with me or my partner Adam. (Only for first 10 that enroll at $1,997)
  • Weekly Red Light, Green Light Deal Review
  • Access to the Private Dealmaker Academy Facebook Group
  • Weekly Mindset & Accountability Guidance

Option #2 – $997 upfront, and then $297/month

  • Weekly Red Light, Green Light Deal Review
  • Access to the Private Dealmaker Academy Facebook Group
  • Weekly Mindset & Accountability Guidance

This could be the ONLY time you will see this offer for Dealmaker Academy.
I’m not sure if I’ll ever do this crazy offer again.

Select your payment option:

Includes a complimentary call with Carl or Adam


Billing Terms: When you purchase Dealmaker Academy through this special offer, your credit card will be billed immediately for either USD $1,997 for the first 12 months (auto-renewing at that price each 12 months) or $997 now and then $297/month. Dealmaker Academy comes with a 60-day 100% money back guarantee. If you decide this is not right for you, simply email or call 800-796-1883 during those 60 days for a full and immediate refund. Your Dealmaker Academy subscription also comes with our free e-letter, Confessions of a Dealmaker, after the completion of your purchase. You may unsubscribe from this free e-letter at any time. 



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